Comcores offers support for any product development efforts, feasibility studies or technical research related to digital communication blocks.

Comcores has established robust quality management processes that guarantee on time, on budget and on target project delivery. Our engineering team is made up of experienced application and design engineers whose excellence is the driving force behind the quality of our products and services.

Comcores Engineering Services include:

  • Analysis and specification work
    • Planning
    • Design Specifications
  • Design
    • IP Cores build from scratch
    • Customization of already existing cores
    • Development of Functional Units
    • Building blocks for you next digital radio
  • Implementation
    • Implementing your design specifications and making sure it works on your platform
    • Integration of IP-core or other building block into already existing design
    • Porting of your design to a new platform
    • Productizing your design
  • Verification and Test
    • Verification Plan
    • Test beds and regression
  • Documentation
  • Customization of already existing implementations
  • Support of Existing Code

Your project deserves a team and a partner you can count on. We deliver what we promise.

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