General Description

Comcores Digital Up-Converter (DUC) and Digital Down Converter (DDC) IP platform core is a silicon agnostic implementation of a key component for digital radio front-end targeting any ASIC, FPGA or ASSP technologies. The flexible digital processing architecture enables multi-standard and multi-carrier operations handling LTE, LTE-A, and WCDMA in compliance with 3GPP standard.

The core performs up- and down conversion of multiple streams of receivers and transmitters signals with powerful interface options and management capabilities. It can dynamically be configured to handle up to 8 transmit paths and 8 receive paths each running with up to 8 carriers having a total aggregated bandwidth of up to 200 MHz.

It interfaces on one side to DAC's and ADC's and on the other side to one or several CPRI-links toward the base station.


Key Features



Silicon Agnostic
  • Designed in VHDL-87 and targeting any RTL implementation like ASICs, ASSPs and FPGAs.
Richly featured and highly configurable
  • Supporting LTE / LTE-A / WCDMA with 3GPP compliance
  • Up to 8 transmit (TX) and 8 receive (RX)
  • Up to 8 carriers per TX or RX
  • Carrier BW of up to 20 MHz/channel
  • Automatic gain control in UL
  • Multiple interface options
Easy to use
  • Programmable data-path processing
  • Testbench available for verification
  • Powerfull SW setup

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  Digital Front-End
  • Wireless base station radio applications
  • Increased flexibility and time to market
  • Lowers cost of new developments
Radio, RRH or DAS
  • Removes a lot of complexity when designing new advanced radio solutions
  • Extreme flexibility enables fast track to new radio designs
Software Defined Radio
  • Multi-band
  • Multi-standard
  • Powerfull switching and management of channels
  • Extremely flexible data-path processing


The IP core come with an extensive documentation that among others include User Manual and Verification Guide. A test bed for injection of traffic and verification of functionality is available for verifying performance. The core will by default come with an encrypted format. Source code option is available.


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