5G/4G Open Radio Unit Reference Platform

General Description

Comcores, Analog Devices, Intel, Radisys, and Whizz have partnered up to provide an O-RAN compliant O-RU Reference Platform (hardware and software) for pico/micro coverage to enable operators, radio vendors and contract manufacturers going to market quickly with a flexible and customizable radio solution.

Comcores supplies the full O-RU IP including software APIs, drivers and a local control interface. Comcores O-RAN RU IP has been integrated with Intel® JESD204B, IEEE1588, Ethernet IP components as well as other IP blocks to form a complete 4x4 radio sub-system that is able to process data end-to-end from ethernet port to RF transceiver. The deliverables include a binary and/or Quartus project database, software framework to control and manage the platform locally, a complete verification suite in simulation and hardware along with the documentation package. The O-RU IP targets the Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA SoC.

Comcores O-RAN RU IP is a proven implementation of the O-RAN standard, allowing easy reconfiguration of the functionality for various applications while still keeping an ultra-small footprint. For more information on the O-RAN RU IP see O-RAN RU IP

Key Features


O-RAN v2.0 compliant fronthaul interface
  • RU category A
  • BFP Compression
  • Ethernet L2 encapsulation
  • VLAN tagging
RF processing and interfacing
  • JESD204B protocol for chip-to-chip interface using subclass 1
  • 4x9.8304 Gbps JESD lanes
  • FIR channelizer filters

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  Radio PHY processing according to O-RAN Lower Layer Split (LLS)
  • New Radio TDD
  • 30 kHz Subcarrier Spacing
  • 1 Component Carrier (CC)
  • 100 MHz CC bandwidth
  • Up to 4 antennas per CC
IEEE1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) time and clock synchronization
  • Full PTP SW stack
  • Time synchronization on Time of Day (ToD)
  • Clock synchronization with AD9545 chip


  • 4G Carrier and 4G+5G Multi-carrier support up to 200MHz OBW
  • FDD support
  • O-RAN Compliant Control and Management Plane
  • Customizations


  • Intel® supplies O-RU Arria®10 FPGA SoC and interface/DSP IP components for the O-RAN data, control and synchronization plane processing as well as the Intel® FlexRAN reference software.
  • Analog Devices provides the ADRV902x DFE component, the clocking circuitry with the AD9028 and AD9045, the power components for O-RU, and the RFFE reference design.
  • Radisys supports the integration of the O-RU software with the Intel® FlexRAN server.
  • Whizz Systems provides the O-RU hardware platform using key components from both Intel® and ADI. More information on: Whizz Systems


  • Production Ready O-RAN RU IP from Comcores
  • O-RAN IP in FPGA for flexibility
  • FlexRAN Interoperability Proven
  • Proven PA Technology already characterized with ADI DPD
  • Market-leading RF Performance
  • RF + Clocking + Power bundle
  • High performance DSP in ADI ASIC fabric = lower power, lower cost, No high-end FPGA required
  • Low risk implementation
  • Midrange FPGA for lower cost/power


The O-RU Reference Platform can be used by radio vendors, mobile operators, and contract manufacturing companies to go to market quickly and deploy derivative radio variants across different frequency bands and power levels with low development risk and investment.

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Demo Video

The reference platform has been interoperability tested with Intel© FlexRAN O-DU reference software on COTS server hardware. Please request to watch the demonstration by clicking on the video:

Pricing and further information

Please contact sales for further information about the 5G/4G Open Radio Unit Reference Platform For both evaluation and commercial licensing models.

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