Low PHY-L1 offload engine

General Description

Comcores offers an O-RAN ready radio PHY-L1 engine (Layer 1) IP that implements 3GPP 36-series (LTE) and 38-series (NR) compliant radio protocol processing according to the O-RAN defined split point 7-2x. The IP is targeting the Radio Unit (RU) side and is scalable for any kind of RU deployment. The IP core has been tested in hardware and a demonstrator is available for early proof of concept. The IP uses general interfaces for easy integration with any O-RAN transport mapper solution towards the centralized baseband unit (CU) and any RF subsystem towards the antennas.

Key Features



Delivering Performance
  • Implements RU PHY-L1 LTE and NR compliant processing according to O-RAN functional split 7-2x for both RU category A and B including FFT/iFFT transformation, Cyclic Prefix insertion/removal, beamforming, PRACH filtering and precoding (RU category B only)
  • Supports any LTE and NR defined channel bandwidths up to 100 MHz with support for mixed numerology for up to 8 Component Carriers on up to 64 antennas
Easy to Use
  • Test bench is available both as stand-alone or with Comcores eCPRI solution integrated for support of O-RAN transportation
  • Simple and agnostic interfacing towards a O-RAN transport mapper with clear separations of U- and C-plane interfaces allows for easy integration
  • Configurable for many operating modes
Silicon Agnostic
  • Designed in VHDL and targeting any RTL implementation like ASICs, ASSPs and FPGAs.
  • Reduction of fronthaul bandwidth
  • O-RAN/eCPRI based Radio Units
  • Ethernet based fronthaul

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The IP core can be provided as separate blocks or as a subsystem tailored ot your exact application. An extensive documentation that, among others, includes Product Brief, User Manual, Test Environment and test reports is available.

The core will by default come in an encrypted format. Source code option is available.

Pricing and Further Information

Please contact sales for further information about the IP core.

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