General Description

JEDEC is expected to come out with a JESD204C standard that is offering among others higher speed and 64B/66B encoding. Comcores is ready to deliver on these requirements. If you have converter applications that requires up to 32 Gbps interfaces and a large number of lanes then please contact Comcores for further information.

Key Features



Delivering Performance
  • Designed to JEDEC JESD204C specification
  • Line rates from 1 Gb/s to 32 Gb/s

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  High speed data acquisition systems
  • Wireless infrastructure transceiver architectures
  • Radar systems
  • Software-defined radios
  • Portable instrumentation
  • Medical ultrasound equipment
Smaller size
  • Fewer interconnects on data converters simplifies layout and allows smaller form factor realization without impacting overall system performance.


Comcores IP cores comes deeply verified, IOT'ed and with a extensive documentation that among others include Product Brief, User Manual, Verification Guide, Regression Test Environment, Test Cases and test reports.

The core will by default come in an encrypted format. Source code option is available.


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