CPRI I/Q Switch

General Description

The CPRI I/Q Switch IP core is a cost and resource efficient silicon agnostic implementation of a CPRI I/Q Switch targeting any ASIC, FPGA or ASSP technologies. The switch makes it possible to connect multiple radio units with multiple baseband resources and performs routing at AxC level. Through an AXI4-Lite interface, the switch can dynamically be configured for 1:1, broadcast and multicast operation. The CPRI Ethernet C&M frames are routed in an embedded Ethernet switch IP. The CPRI I/Q Switch is designed for C-RAN and digital DAS systems.

Key Features


Feature Rich
  • AxC level routing
  • Summing
  • Delay compensation
  • Dynamic routing
Highly configurable
  • Mix of BB and RU ports fully configurable
  • Supports line-rates 1-9 (up to 12165.12 Mbit/s)
  • Up to 64 antenna carriers per port
  • 1:1, multicast and broadcast operation by configuration
Easy to use
  • Complete solution with optional Software
  • UVM environment is available
Silicon Agnostic
  • Designed in VHDL-93 and targeting any RTL implementation like ASICs, ASSPs and FPGAs

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  Comcores CPRI I/Q Switch addresses any requirement for AxC based switching and routing.

  • Connecting multiple RE's with multiple REC's
  • Routing of AxC's between various ports on a chip
Digital DAS
  • Connects multiple access points to multiple base stations
  • Carrier combining or separation


The IP core comes deeply verified, IOT'ed and with an extensive documentation that, among others, includes Product Brief, User Manual, Verification Guide, Regression Test Environment, Test Cases and test reports. The core will by default come in an encrypted format. Source code option is available.

Pricing and further information

Please contact sales for further information about the IP core.

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