Comcores is delivering results in several verticals driven by products that are widely used and that are delivering state-of-the art performance in regards of quality, size and power consumption.
Comcores can deliver on your project request whether if it is development of components, subsystems or systems. We are committed to the highest quality of our deliverables and you can count on Comcores as a solid project partner.
The key verticals supported by Comcores are shown below.

Wireless Wireline Automotive Aerospace/Defence
  • Strongest wireless IP portfolio in market for fast-track-digital design of radio solutions
  • Experts in fronthaul and C-RAN
  • First mover in IEEE 1914.3 Radio-Over-Ethernet IP’s and demo systems
  • First mover in L1 offload solutions
  • Broad portfolio of Ethernet MAC and PCS IP’s for rates up to 100 Gbps
  • Ethernet switches provided in many variants up to 25 Gbps
  • FEC solutions is an expertize area
  • First commercial availability of 10G/25G TSN Ethernet solution
  • A strong roadmap for TSN features secure a first mover offering for this specific industry
  • JESD204B IP that has gone through automotive process is available
  • First commercial availability of 10G TSN Ethernet solution
  • Experts in time critical Ethernet solutions and data acquisition
  • Ethernet switches that meets requirements for defence apps
  • Experience servicing defence and aerospace designers with IP
  • First commercial availability of 10G TSN Ethernet solution is well suited for this vertical

For further information about how we can solve your challenge or deliver your time critical project, please contact us at:

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