Date Description
2019-01-17 Comcores has announced the successful completion of the interoperability test between Comcores JESD204C IP-core and Analog Devices JESD204C implementation Comcores and Analog Devices Interoperability Test Press Release
2018-11-27 Comcores is proud to announce that it has joined the O-RAN Alliance to support the next generation of 5G architectures Comcores joins O-RAN Alliance
2018-05-08 Comcores leads the way in wireless solutions with ultra-flexible eCPRI IP solution Comcores release ultra-flexible eCPRI IP solution
2018-04-18 Being the ultimate leader in IP solutions for wireless fronthaul Comcores has released a white paper providing an overview of technologies for packet-based fronthaul for 5G Packet-based fronthaul for 5G white paper
2018-04-01 Comcores, the leader in digital IP’s for communications systems, is pleased to announce the promotion of Jørgen Carstensen in the company, where he has taken on the role of Engineering Manager. Comcores gets skilled engineering manager
2017-05-01 eASIC Nextreme-3S Platform and Comcores CPRI v7.0 IP Provides a Flexible and Efficient Solution for Wireless Fronthaul Networks. eASIC and Comcores Announce Support for CPRI V7.0.
2017-03-16 Comcores announces commercial availability of a complete Radio-Over-Ethernet and L1 offload solution for fronthaul enabling easy bring up of Ethernet based connectivity in radio systems. Comcores RoE solution Press Release
2016-12-15 Comcores presents Ethernet based Fronthaul PoC in webinar with Sarokal Systems. Comcores Fronthaul webinar Press Release
2016-12-07 Comcores demonstrates Radio-Over-Ethernet and L1 offload solution live at ITU FG IMT-2020 Workshop and Demo Day: Wireline Technology Enablers for 5G. Comcores ITU Demo Press Release
Check out the live performance here:
2016-10-10 Comcores has become an Analog Devices Associate alliances partner
Comcores Analog Devices IP alliance Press release
2016-09-13 Comcores joins Toshiba IP alliance
Comcores Toshiba IP alliance press release
2016-06-06 Xilinx and Comcores look at fronthaul challenges as the mobile telecom market transitions to 5G technologies. For further information read the RCR Wireless News Xilinx and Comcores look at fronthaul challenges
2016-06-02 Comcores release worlds first commercial available 10G TSN Ethernet MAC with support for among others pre-emption. For further information read the press release: 10G TSN Ethernet MAC released.pdf
2016-04-22 Comcores release CPRI 7.0 IP core that is adding RS-FEC to the Comcores proven CPRI solution. For further information read the press release: CPRI 7.0 IP Cores solution released.pdf
2016-02-11 Comcores release a mixed speed Ethernet Switch that supports a mix of 1G and 10G Ethernet ports: 1G/10G Ethernet Switch Released PR.pdf
2015-11-26 Comcores release CPRI I/Q switch HW platform that demonstrates key features of CPRI fronthaul switching For further information read the press release: CPRI Fronthaul Switching HW Demonstrator PR.pdf
2015-08-21 Comcores release Lite 1G Ethernet Switch that supports up to 73 ports For further information read the press release: 1G Ethernet Switch PR.pdf
2015-06-16 eASIC and Comcores eASIC and Comcores Deliver CPRI v6.1 Switch Reference Design for Next-Generation LTE Advanced and 5G Networking Equipment. For further information read the press release: IQ Switch PR.pdf
2015-04-17 Comcores release ORI compliant IQ Compression IP-core. For further information read the press release: IQ Compression PR.pdf
2015-03-02 eASIC and Comcores Announce Availability of CPRI v6.1. To read the press-release: Comcores announce availability of CPRI6.1.pdf
2015-02-18 Comcores is proud to announce that it has become a Xilinx Alliance Partner Through this partnership Comcores will provide front-haul and C-RAN related IP-cores and solutions for Xilinx customers.
2014-12-18 Comcores engage into C-RAN research alliance with Vitesse Semiconductor and DTU Fotonik and is awarded major funding from Innovation Foundation. For further information read: Innovation Foundation PR.pdf or visit
2014-10-13 eASIC and Comcores Announce Support for C-RAN with CPRI v6.0. To read the press-release: C-RAN supported with CPRI6.0.pdf
2014-10-11 Comcores release state-of-the art JESD204B IP core. The core is offering the full feature set of the standard and comes as separate instances of RX and TX with an optional mapper. The core is implemented in Verilog and builds on years of experience. For further information about the core please go to product home page
2014-06-13 Comcores Delivers Ultra-fast Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) v.6.0 Intellectual Property enabling the next generation of silicon devices for LTE-Advanced.
Read the press release: 2014 06 13 Comcores CPRI_6_0 Press Release.pdf

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